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“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate beings condemning them to spend their lives in search for their other halves.”

~Plato’s The Symposium.

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quote Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.

— Kiera Cass (via maxonshreaves)
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Lavender love. 
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Model wearing Dior’s ‘Soirée de Lahore’ dress, Paris 1955. Photo by Mark Shaw.


Model wearing Dior’s ‘Soirée de Lahore’ dress, Paris 1955. Photo by Mark Shaw.

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[KPKF] An EXO sasaeng I talked with →



2 days ago, I received an email from B, an EXO sasaeng, who was willing to share a lot of info with me. I contacted her through a messenger and we talked for two days. I was first a bit doubtful about her but as I talked to her, it became clearer that she was not lying. I got screencaps and a video from her. I will not reveal any of her identity as she asked to be anonymous. To be honest, most of the stuff she told me is omitted in this post because she didn’t want me to post them since those were very controversial - controversial enough to get my blog in trouble. I’m sorry that I can’t share them. I feel like I’m the only one who got the most benefit out of it.

I asked her how she started being a sasaeng. B used to be an Elf a long time ago. She was in Seoul and was waiting in front of the building to see SJ. She then saw a group of trainees coming out of the building, who are now EXO members. Those trainees caught her attention and she started following them since.

EXO – The whole group as a whole was such a trash, but they’re now improved and are more careful. EXO almost turned into 11 members when Kris was having a hard time with the group. Chinaline is very rich but nothing’s known about Yixing’s family . Luhan’s family is a respected/honored family and Tao’s family is a business runner – Rich in different ways. D.O and Baekhyun are close. Kris and Tao are good friends, like brothers. Luhan and Xiumin are really close. Suho now seems to be close to Kris. Chen, Baek, D.O and Chanyeol are close. In B’s opinion, Tao and D.O are awkward with each other. Kai and Kris are a bit awkward but they’re getting better. EXO members are all improving and are focusing more on their team.

Kris - Kris is very quiet but he’s too kind to his fans. He can’t say no to them. His circumstances forced him to mature fast. He had a lot of trouble with the members to the point he almost quit the group. No one welcomed him when he went back to the members. Kris was angry when his Chinese fans talked crap about Tao because Tao wore Kris’ clothes that fans bought for him. Kris clarified that they both had the same clothes.

Tao - Tao looked nervous when he was a trainee. The way he talked and walked was a bit like Hangeng. Tao is nice overall but he easily gets angry and swore at sasaengs a lot. He’s extremely emotional. He was very slow to be matured. When Kris went back to the members, he accidentally wrote “someone is back” on his Weibo, which was supposed to DM to Luhan - he didn’t welcome Kris back then. B questions Tao’s sexuality, though.

Luhan - Luhan was quiet too. He also had a quite of a past but he improved a lot.

Kai - Kai’s number is the hardest to find. He’s also very flirty. He dated a rich trainee. After Wolf era, he improved along with Luhan (or they got better at hiding) Kai looks at sasaengs with disgust in his eyes, sasaengs don’t dare to message him on Kakaotalk. Sasaengs who were Kai-biased change their bias later because of his “bad habits”. He accidentally publicized his Kakaostory picture once, and no fans dared to comment on it. Some staff told him to delete it and he did. He strictly cuts off himself from his fans in his private life. He changes his numbers a lot. His favorite songs are The Other Side by Jason Derulo, Cool Girl by Jeff Bernat, Pretty Wings by Maxwell, Falling Out by Keisha – only R&B and Black artist music. B found the members’ favorite songs on Kakaomusic.

Chanyeol - Chanyeol used to flirt a lot. He tries too hard to act funny and good. Chanyeol changed a bit but his fake self is still the same.

Xiumin - Xiumin is a good person but he’s so-so in B’s opinion. He’s a hard-worker.

Suho – He has more power as a leader than Kris. A month ago, Suho updated his Kakaotalk status everyday, and they were all heartbroken – he’s very likely to have broken up with his girlfriend. On TV, he’s seen as an easy guy to joke around, but it’s not true in reality. Before his debut, he talked to his fans many times and a lot of them are now his fansite admins.

D.O – He has a strong cold aura and when people try to touch him, his face is scary and unwelcoming. One time, a Chinese fan messaged him on Kakaotalk and he blocked her right away.

Baekhyun – He’s funny but he hates sasaengs. His playlist is mostly Korean ballad songs and Whatya Want From Me.

Lay – He’s dating someone we’ve seen a lot. He’s not good at making friends. He’s generally friends with everyone but it seems like he doesn’t have a close one. Sticks with the female manager a lot.

Chen – A kind one. He has a very clean image. Used to date an A Pink member.

Yoona – Dated Donghae and CNBLUE Jonghyun for a short time.

John Seo (SMrookies) – He knows that he’s handsome, but he makes it in a cute way, it’s not annoying. He smiles a lot.

Kim Yejin (past SM trainee) – She’s a good person. Possibly dated both Kai and Chanyeol. She played basketball with male trainees. She’s easygoing and laughs a lot.

Famdom – EXO fandom is trashy in general. The fandom itself is complicated and mean. EXO fans fight a lot. A fan from some country used her little chair as her weapon. Cameras and bags can also be used as weapons. Western fans slap, but Asian fans use their fist. During Wolf era, fans fought a lot but it’s better now. EXO knows that their fans are fighting in front of the building but they can’t do anything.

Sasaengs – Most of foreign sasaengs are rich. It’s not true that sasaengs don’t actually buy albums or others. Sasaengs spend a lot to go to the fansigns and to see the members closely. B takes the same flights with EXO sometimes.

Fansite masters –B doesn’t understand why fans like fansite admins. They’re worse than sasaengs. They take the same flights with EXO more than sasaengs do. Most of the good admins are Suho fansite runners. They respect Suho a lot. One of his fansite admins B saw spent SO much for Suho, the amount you can’t imagine.

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Watch the video of this incredible advert


so fucking sad

Just shows me that people love to bitch, but they don’t like to really do anything about what they’re bitching about.

Its really sad.


this is great propaganda, but it says something about society that isn’t necessarily true. You can’t tell how much people give just from this video, I know the majority of donation’s I’ve made and that my parents have made haven’t been to someone standing on the street with a sign, they’re checks to organizations and online transfers. Why give money to a charity you don’t know when you could give that money to a charity you know and can trust to actually help people? On the other hand, if someone says something offensive and belittling, of course people will speak out.

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Look at this!!! LOOK AT THIS! Spread this shit like wildfire! Safe Trek!

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quote Don’t let people treat you like a cigarette, they only use you when they’re bored and step on you when they’re done. Be like drugs, let them die for you.

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